Alex Bastide, who has been excelling in the business industry for almost 20 years, is barely of age when he finally makes his dream come true: being his own boss. Moved by his passion for skateboarding, music and the underground culture, he successively opens four Underworld boutiques, including one in Vancouver. He also founded the Cabaret Underworld where he created numerous events that made history. Ambitious? Yes, but especially tireless. Completely allergic to getting some rest, Alex is an active entrepreneur who totally invests himself in each and every one of his projects. From his business plan to creative design, communications and social media managing, Alex takes care of innumerous tasks and wears many hats in different functions; all the while never missing a beat when it comes time to lend his precious expertise and motivate his team! Maybe it’s why he’s successful in everything he takes on…

He is now the owner of eight L’Gros Luxe restaurants (Plateau, Mile-End, Vieux-Longueil and Sud-Ouest) opened back to back in less than a year in 2014! These locations were closely followed by Quebec, in November 2015, and Végé, in June 2016 (located in the original establishment on St-André street, in Montreal); then came Victoriaville, in September 2017 and Sherbrooke, in October 2017!

At L’Gros Luxe, Alex offers a playful cocktail menu as well as an accessible food menu showcasing more than 50% of the items being vegetarian and has now added a 100% vegetarian restaurant. Each location boasts a festive yet casual ambiance, embellished by a refined touch specific to each neighborhood’s personality.

L’Gros Luxe is the materialization of a vegetarian restauranteur who values the art of eating well while having fun and incessantly contributing to the community. Soon to come to your neighborhood!